Learn Power Cable Name Regulation and Meaning In 2 Minutes

Learn Power Cable Name Regulation and Meaning In 2 Minutes


Conductor Insulation/ Cable Jackets

  • INSULATION - The material covering an electrical conductor to separate or isolate it from other conductors or grounded objects.
  • COVERING - Normally the similar substance as insulation but not used with the thickness to certify as insulation.
  • JACKET - As used on a solo conductor or cable: A nonmetallic component placed over conductor insulation primarily to work as physical safeguards for the insulation (also secures neutral wires on high-voltage cables). Notice: Despite the fact that most sheaths do have some insulation characteristics, they are not concerned to act as insulation.

About Jacket

  • JACKET - As taken as a mulitconductor cable: A nonmetallic content applied over a cable assembly of more than 2 conductors usually to provide physical defense for the conductors, hold the assembly as one, and to provide a one-piece structure for easier installation.
  • THERMOPLASTIC - Insulating materials that will soften or even melt at temperature levels much higher than the material is ranked. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC ) and polyethylene (PE) are some instance of thermoplastic insulations.