Welcome partners from South Africa for Cargo Inspection

Welcome partners from South Africa for Cargo Inspection

Welcome partners from South Africa for Cargo Inspection

Today a 4 people delegation of our partners from South Africa arrived for finished cargo inspection and they received our best receiving.

The cargo of contract is about 300 km ACSR conductor cable, which imported by our partners for their local utilities construction project. We has been working with them for more than 3 years, and help them won plenty utilities supply contract from their government authorities. We both knows the quality of cable is the foundation of a stable and sustainable power grids, this the reason we choose each other as partners.

Actually it has already been 1 week before they arrived at factory of ours, all the cables they ordered has been well packaged in wooden drums stayed in our warehouse where finished goods are stored for shipping. According the cable standard and contract, finished cables should be 10% random spot check for quality control by manufacturer which means our company in this context. And the inspection report summited by our inspection department confirmed all the test parameters are qualified to the standard document and contract itself, also qualified for delivery and shipping.

Issue Quality Memo Face to Face

But it is not a challenge for a 10% random spot check, isn't it? So our partner asked for a 100% spot check with their sample selection from finished cable, and we agreed with proud. The inspection reports are also double checked by the engineers included in the delegation party, and all technical parameters turns out to be qualified and fulfilled their requirement. So technically, the cable we manufactured for our partners are inspected twice. Why not, they are our loyal customers and they deserve a good answer from inspection report, as well as our engineers team and technical workers. The best thing in the world is everything works out just as expected.

To minimize risk of our partners, our company issued an Quality Promise and Warranty Declaration Memo with our partners face to face in our meeting room, and we promise 100% qualified or 100% refund. A warranty document is barely necessary as we had been working with each other for so many years, said by the engineers of delegation, we share a mutual benefit and already built the trust. And our manager said,a warranty document is more important to us, as a manufacturer, quality is our life line and the key to a success business.