We deliver no matter small or big order

We deliver no matter small or big order

aac conductor shipping

80KM AAC Conductor - All Aluminum Conductor delivered today in 1 containers (20GP) and left for their location.

These AAC conductor planned to be utilized in regional power grids as power line for 300 kv electrical power transmission. Purchased gotten at November 9th from our devoted consumers who works for state electrical power authorities as a purchase representative.

For safeguarding the personal info of our customers, delicate details like truck number, container code, drum marks are blurred.

Products details of this delivery:

AAC to IEC 61089 Standard

+ Specification: 19x3.66mm 160mm2 OD 16.4mm
+ Quantity: 80KM in length Shipped in 1 20GP Container
+ Destination: Middle East