Oman plans to deploy 1 GW of rooftop solar energy across the country

Oman plans to deploy 1 GW of rooftop solar energy across the country

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PassivSystems, a British smart energy management provider, has signed a contract with the Oman Electricity Regulatory Agency (AER) to negotiate the development of up to 1 GW of rooftop solar energy in the country.

AER's plan is called "Sahim Phase 1," and it plans to install solar photovoltaic arrays in 30% of Oman's residential buildings in the next few years. The model pursued by AER is capital ownership, where the homeowner has the lowest capital expenditures and obtains generous financial incentives to install solar photovoltaics.

The project's funding is expected to come from various private investors, and the participation of PassivSystems will see the British company use its experience in managing a large number of residential solar system portfolios in the UK.

The contract outlines how the two companies can identify and manage risks. PassivSystems is committed to developing a strong RfP that analyzes the country’s legal model and improves customer experience and recommendations.

The goal of the pilot program is to sell and install 1,000 to 3,000 PV systems and then expand to as many as 250,000 homes in Oman.

Colin Calder, CEO of PassivSystems, said: "This is an exciting move. We will work closely with AER to ensure that the project moves from a vision to reality and builds on a sound financial model."

Oman is working hard to develop solar energy. Earlier this month, the country’s Oman Power and Water Purchasing Company disclosed that the company had received 28 applications for qualifications and required bidding for up to 500 megawatts of solar photovoltaic power generation nationwide.