Customers visiting from Sri Lanka

Customers visiting from Sri Lanka

Customers visiting from Sri Lanka

Today, customers from Sri Lanka arrived at our company in the morning, our sales manager Amy keep herself to be the company and guide all the way along.

They pay the visit to our samples room first and checked the samples of our most popular products including bare aluminum conductor like ACSR/AAC/AAAC conductor, and insulated cable for underground electrical power transmission like xlpe/pvc cable including armored or unarmored cable.

Our customers show great interest for our workshop and production line, as well as our employees who works with all these equipments. So Sales Manager Amy took them to our #1 conductor workshop to show them how the conductor was produced after they finished the sample room. Amy illustrated customers by the flow of manufacturing process, and show them the machine and its functionality one by one. After the customers saw the our dedicated employees who has been used to receive inspection from overseas customers, they said our company is exactly the one they are looking for.

From the introduction of our company develop history, they know we also have an subsidiary with better and full scaled equipments just miles away from our headquarters, they also asked to pay a visit, and every demands from customers shall be fulfilled, so Amy lead the way.

Actually when they arrived at subsidiary, we are juts in the middle of an shipping loading operation. The delivery team is preparing the finished cable for incoming cargo containers. The loading area is full of cable reels which shocked their eyes.

After the business trip, they had a simple lunch together, and friends from Sri Lanka really like hot pot meal. And the most frequent words said by our Sri Lanka friends are "Good food","Good people","Good cable","Good good good". There is nothing better than a good from our clients. Thank you our great customers.