Best present of Christmas - No problem for Christmas day shipping

Best present of Christmas - No problem for Christmas day shipping

chrismas shipping

It's Christmas and Sunday today. So Merry Christmas to you all.

Days ago, we got the confirmation from our clients that shipping can be arranged as soon as we complete the whole manufacturing, inspection and packing process, and it happens to be on Christmas Day when container trucks arrives.

To make sure the containers to be loaded and shipped as soon as possible, ease the suspicion of low efficiencies on customers' side and make sure our clients could have a relax holiday and spend more time with their family; our leader decided to shift the Christmas Day to a work day. Every employee will not only receive a bonus of salary, but also a small gift of Christmas, thank you all, our great employees.

And our delivery and shipping team never let us down, from 8:00AM to 21:30PM, 12 containers loaded and departed to QingDao port and will be leveling for their destination when container vessel is ready.

Cargo details:

ACSR conductor to IEC 61089 Standard

+ Application: High Voltage Electrical Transmission Project in Cold and High Altitude Aera
+ Specification: 26x2.47mm(AL)+7X1.92mm(ST) 125mm2 OD 15.7mm
+ Quantity: 520KM in length Shipped in 7 40GP Containers
+ Destination: South Asia

AAAC conductor
to BS EN 50183

+ Application: Power Transmission Grids Upgrade Project of Local Utilities(Aged lines replacement and stability imporvement)
+ Specification: 19x3.76mm 211mm2 OD 18.8mm
+ Quantity: 220KM in length Shipped in 5 40GP Container
+ Destination: South Africa

For safeguarding the personal info of our customers, delicate details like truck number, container code, drum marks are blurred.