People's Cable Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, located in Zhengzhou Gongyi Economic development zone. In the east of ancient capital city LuoYang, north of the ShaoLin Temple, in south of the Yellow River. With good transport facilities which adjacent to the 310 National Highway and Lian Huo Expressway. In 2012, our group

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  • Competitive Price

    • Big factories with cost optimized
    • Advanced manufacturing equipments and facilities
    • Raw material price balance with aluminum copper futures operation
  • Quality Guarantee

    • BV/ISO/CCC/OHSAS etc Certificates acquired
    • Country Trusted Brand - Inspection-free Product of the State
    • Conquering and Dedicate R&D Center - State grade technology labs
  • Flexible Payment Terms

    • T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P or as Your call
    • A foundation and support of your success
    • A Win-win business partner with long-term interests guarantee
  • OEM, ODM, OBM Available

    • Manufacturing cable and wires with your terms and conditions
    • Rich OEM and ODM experiences can help Expand your brand
    • Develop cables and wires with your national standards and support your power grids

Tender Procedures

  • Agent Send Tender Invitation

  • Agent Provide Tender Documents

  • Agent Pay Bid Bond

  • Run Competitive Bidding

  • Tender Awarded & Accepted

  • Contracts signed - Owner/Agents/RMJT

  • RMJT Pay Performance Bond

  • Agent Pay Deposit or issue L/C

  • Manufacturing

  • Owner Inspection

  • Delivery

  • Payment Balance

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